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When I first met Jack and Flo I knew I liked Musical Theatre but I didn’t have any confidence or belief that I was good enough. They immediately made me feel welcome and in just a few weeks I had settled in and felt like part of the group. Jack and Flo always made me feel like I was doing well and explained ways to be even better next time. Their classes are always planned and they make it a comfortable environment where everyone can get involved. Jack always says ‘there is no wrong’ which makes me feel safe to have a go at all the acting activities. In dance, Flo takes things step by step and choreographs dances so that the youngest can keep up but the older ones are also pushed. One thing I love about Jack and Flo is that they treat everyone like an equal even though we are children and teenagers in their class. Four years down the line and I feel like I
am a completely different person to the one they met and know this has a lot to do with their lessons. They got me to believe in myself and inspired me to take Drama GCSE and now I am looking to do Musical Theatre at college. I can’t thank them enough for everything they have down for me.

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