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Our son who has a diagnosis of Autism, ADD (Attention Deficit disorder) and hypermobility first met Jack and Flo when he was in reception class aged 5. His class was told they could attend a Ballet after school club, for a trial lesson. Our son took it literally and said he had to go. We sent him to that Ballet class and it was the best thing we could have done for him. When Jack and Flo started Musical Theatre club, our son was first on the list. He learnt so much as well as having lots of fun. The highlight for me was seeing my son come out of each session with a huge smile on his face and the amazing performances that were put on throughout the year by both after school clubs. Our son has learnt so much from Jack and Flo during his time at Primary School (from reception to yr6). He went to Ballet and Music Theatre every week and loved it, not only did he learn beautiful Dances, and Musical Theatre Skills, he had the opportunity to go up to London and do a National Ballet exam which he passed. Working with Jack and Flo has helped with his confidence, social skills, eye contact, core strength and awareness of his own body and so much more. Due to our son’s needs he can become very emotional and difficult to manage at times, but Jack and Flo excepted who he was and supported him to be the best he could be even from a young age. Watching our son and his peers grow in
confidence and ability while working with Jack and Flo has been amazing. ***** (5 stars)

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