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We saw our son flourish in many ways under the guidance of Jack and Flo. Their ability to bring out and develop the talent in children whilst keeping things fun is fantastic. They have a caring and nurturing approach which seems to help build the children’s confidence and yet enables them to push the children to reach an incredibly high standard of
performance. Jack and Flo teach by example of how hard work pays off and they seem to genuinely care for the children in a way that encourages them to grow in confidence, enjoy performing and become the best people that they can be.

My daughter has been training with Jack and Flo for 4 years now and has grown so much in confidence and knowledge during that time. They work really well together as a team and teach the students to do the same, showing each other respect and celebrating everyone’s work. Their Acting lessons are not just about learning scripts or playing drama games, there is always a point to the activity and a skill to develop. Dances are cleverly taught to showcase the best of each student regardless of their level and all students get a chance to shine. They teach a mixture of singing solos and as a group, giving the students opportunity to progress and make them feel safe to try new things. I am always impressed with how Flo and Jack teach so many different children and yet know each one well enough to support them and give them confidence to help them progress at their own speed and ability. They constantly bring my daughter out of her comfort zone but always in a way that she doesn’t really notice. My daughter is truly inspired by
Jack and Flo, especially as they work in the industry and she is aiming towards a career in theatre and teaching, the same as them.

Having known Jack and Flo for several years, I don’t think we have ever met two teachers so enthusiastic and passionate about the world of dance and Performing arts. They have a vast knowledge of their profession and the inspiration they have given my two children has been amazing! After our children have been taught by Jack and Flo we feel that they have had the best start, and no one has compared to their teaching and compassion. My son is starting an Acting course at the Miskin Theatre this year, and with thanks to Jack and Flo’s support, he has been accepted onto Level 3! My daughter only did Performing arts with Jack and Flo for 1 year, but the confidence she gained after going there was incredible. My daughter suffers from extreme anxiety, but the support, comfort and understanding she received from her teachers was so wonderful and stress free, there was no worry on our part leaving her in their capable hands.

When I first met Jack and Flo I knew I liked Musical Theatre but I didn’t have any confidence or belief that I was good enough. They immediately made me feel welcome and in just a few weeks I had settled in and felt like part of the group. Jack and Flo always made me feel like I was doing well and explained ways to be even better next time. Their classes are always planned and they make it a comfortable environment where everyone can get involved. Jack always says ‘there is no wrong’ which makes me feel safe to have a go at all the acting activities. In dance, Flo takes things step by step and choreographs dances so that the youngest can keep up but the older ones are also pushed. One thing I love about Jack and Flo is that they treat everyone like an equal even though we are children and teenagers in their class. Four years down the line and I feel like I
am a completely different person to the one they met and know this has a lot to do with their lessons. They got me to believe in myself and inspired me to take Drama GCSE and now I am looking to do Musical Theatre at college. I can’t thank them enough for everything they have down for me.

I was a student of Jack and Flo’s for many, many years. I can without a shadow of a doubt say, that two people have never had such a drastic, beautiful and profound impact on my life. I wouldn’t be where I am without them. They have supported, helped and provided me with more advice than anyone I’ve ever met, not just in Musical Theatre, but in life too. Even after my time as a “student” (in which they recommend drama schools that I got into) they continued to come to watch my performances and support me which just shows what incredible, loving, positive and simply good teachers they are. As I’ve grown up, I’ve also been a teaching assistant with them in which they nurtured my creativity, helping me develop teaching skills and just being fabulous role models in general. Over these many years, I can easily say that Jack and Flo are more than just teachers who taught me classes, they are mentors and friends, that changed my life for the better and I wouldn’t be as happy, confident and in the theatre school I am in with a full scholarship without them.

I am extremely happy to say that, in September, I will be going on to train in Acting at Arts Educational Schools, aiming for a career in Acting. Over the last four years, Jack and Flo have offered some of the most wonderful experiences that have developed me both as a performer and a person and I am so grateful to my Champion family for that. I eagerly look forward to returning in the coming years to watch all their shows.

As a student of Jack and Flo’s, I cannot say enough what an incredible team they are. With the skills they each posses and offer to their students, and also their care and enthusiasm to teach young people in a safe and fun environment, the training I received during my time as their student has been invaluable to me. From interpreting and speaking classical to contemporary text, practical rehearsal and stage craft, Jack is able to convey these skills in lessons tailored to students age and level of comprehension. His energy and passion in class is a great environment for learning and sets an example for what is required within the industry preparing students for higher levels of study and performance. Flo is an incredible dancer and choreographer. She inspires her students, creating routines that are advanced enough to push further and achieve progressively, whist still being heaps of fun. It is so important to have teachers that earn the trust of students when working physically so they can improve under their tutors guidance. Flo provides this both in the atmosphere of her classes and in her excellent skills and communication enabling her to really get the best results from her students. As a united team they are organised and reliable. As teachers in their own disciplines the knowledge and experience they have is so important to anyone who has a desire to improve their skills in the arts and will hold any student in good stead should they want to pursue a career in the art I am currently a BA (Hons) Acting student at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama thanks to my training in acting, voice and movement from my years with Jack and Flo

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